We are a passionate team with a fresh-new vision for slots.

We strive to create superior & unique gaming experiences for players around the world. P&S is a game development studio formed by an international group of professionals and game enthusiasts with broad experience in mobile game and casino game development.

We work with world-class artists, mathematicians, and musicians aiming to produce some of the most innovative, creative, and entertaining slots on the market. With our proprietary framework for game development, we can efficiently deploy fully responsive cross-platform games in html5 and as native apps (Android, iOS), covering every regulatory requirement.


Our games comply with the industries best practices on responsible gaming covering every regulatory requirement. Adapted to a broad set of audiences and cultures, and localized to multiple languages to be deployed in numerous territories.


We work with world-class artist, musicians, and mathematicians, featuring their work to create innovative themes, designs, and features, providing new engaging, and exciting experiences for the players.


We are fast and cost-efficient. Our proprietary framework for agile game development enables us to deploy effectively completely responsive cross-plattform multi-language games in html5, and as native apps covering any regulatory requirement.


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This is a high volatility video slot game played on a 5-reel, 4-row panel, with 20 paylines …

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New York 1920, Dry law has been imposed. Clans are fighting for a piece of the cake. Don Giovanni, …

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Heavy wagons are closing in, wagons pulled by tired horses, struggling to move while lashes rain on …

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This is the first game in a series of Legends. An epic adventure in search of riches and glory! …

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This is a multi-platform medium volatility video slot game played on a classic 5x3 panel and 20 pay …

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People gather around to listen to the songs of his searchings for ancient shipwrecks and hidden …

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Rome, 410 AD. The Roman empire is under attack by the Germanic tribes under the rule of King Alaric. …

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Deep in the slums, where the fiercest underground fights take place, only the bravest prevails. …

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In Sheriff Colt, we introduce you to this legendary character, the law in the southern town of White …

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D’cirque is a circus-themed game with beautiful visuals and fun, engaging mechanics targeting …

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In the deep caves of Algroth, many moons away, the blue wizard poured his knowledge and strength …


With the player in mind, we strive to develop new and immersive gaming experiences. Games that catch the eye, exceed expectations and break new grounds when it comes to gameplay, mechanics, and visuals.


We work hard to create amazing, innovative gaming experiences for players everywhere.

We are bringing together a team of creative, brilliant, and passionate people to build a new generation of state of the art slot games.

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